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IntellxxDNA Nutri-Genomic Testing

Your genes provide valuable information that can help you and your doctors understand your unique health care needs. If you want to optimize your health and prevent illness, we can assist you with the design of a personalized health plan. You CAN prolong your health span.

What is Genomics? It is a genetic test which analyzes your specific variants, and utilizes evidence based interventions rooted primarily in nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

What is the test? IntellxxDNA offers the most advanced, cutting edge Nutri-Genomic testing available. Your genes don’t change so you will only need this test once. And every time there is new information available we will be notified so we can apply the information to you and your genetic profile, at no added cost. The test requires a vial of saliva which you collect at home and mail directly to the lab yourself. The information in your test result will always be private and confidential.

The information obtained is extensive. Some of the health conditions of particular interest to BBH are: cognition and memory, brain ischemia, cardiac, anesthesia tolerance, detoxification, inflammation, brain health, food sensitivities, and much much more. There are currently 36 panels on the IntellxxDNA report, please review their website at www.IntellxxDNA.com for more information. This is empowering medicine. We will be able to target and support your specific health needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment: 707-462-8783 or ujsmed@yahoo.com.

Betty Lacy, M.D.

Dr. Lacy specializes in the field of brain health, cognitive resiliency, genetics, and mental health. Learn More >

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