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Our search for better health can lead us in a multitude of directions. It can be confusing to know where to turn. When you start making changes in your diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, adding supplements, how do you know if you are doing the right thing? Sometimes you may feel alone and isolated. You may get feedback from friends that can’t keep up with your dietary changes of being wheat free, now dairy free, pescadorian or grass fed only meat. Menu planning can be difficult to maneuver in families and with friends. What to do with this conundrum?

Take some time to imagine what you will need to support your health or the health of a loved one. Begin with SLEDS- Sleep, Learning, Exercise, Diet, Stress, and Socialization. From this list what is bothering you the most? Maybe you’ve noticed some slipping of words or lapses in attention. Maybe you or a friend, have been diagnosed with memory problems. Maybe you need help deciding what diet or what kind of exercise of supplement to take. The good news is that there is so much more we know that can make a difference and improve your brain health. AND even small changes can have a BIG impact.


I recommend a functional medicine doctor who specializes in cognitive health and preferably one that is Bredesen certified or at least uses principles from his program. To find a doctor with this qualification go to the Institute Functional Medicine site https://www.ifm.org and scroll down to pick a provider.


In my own journey towards optimized health, I have found the need for periodic coaching to keep me on track with my goals. In addition, I have regular follow up visits with my functional medicine doctor. Most physicians who practice conventional medicine do not have the time nor are best suited for this role. Here are some sites that offer coaching.


Link > Find a Wellness Pro


If you are lucky enough to be 30% of the population with an APOE4+ gene, one of your greatest resources is the APOE4.info. This is an online community of more than 2000 individuals who carry the APOE4 gene. Here you can access personal stories, recent research and scientific discoveries from individuals all who have direct experience with the APOE4 gene. Like most of us, we are trying to figure out our best practices to optimize health. For More: see Resources Dr. Bredesen’s program- best practices.


It is important for you to take responsibility for your health. To that end, many of us citizen scientists are performing N=1 experiments on our individual health and checking biomarkers. You do not need a doctors prescription for these tests, but you may want some help figuring out levels. Acquiring a health coach and or functional medicine practitioner can be very helpful in sorting information out establishing goals to live into. Here are some labs that do direct consumer laboratory work:


A specialized Advanced Directive for persons with dementia, done prior to cognitive decline to delineate, wishes around dying specifically feeding and fluids.

Link > Alzheimer's Discussion


Think of Neurofeedback as a personal brain training session that challenges the brain to improve its function.

Link > What is Neurofeedback?


Link > "The Power of Vulnerability" - Brene Brown

Link > "Rethinking Infidelity" - Esther Perel


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  • The End of Alzheimer's - Dr. Bredesen MD
  • Plant Paradox - Steven R. Grundy MD

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