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Brain Health is optimized brain function. It is having your brain work the best that it can at this particular moment in time for you. Brain Health is in constant flux based on how well you have slept, eaten, attended to stresses and taken care of yourself.

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Calcium Scoring Test

This is a test I recommend to see if atherosclerosis plaques that are calcified exist in the arteries of the heart. If you have a cardiac stent this test is not helpful since the stent distorts the results. It is a 3 minute CAT Scan of your heart.


No identifiable plaque. Risk of coronary artery disease very low (<5%)

1 - 10

Mild identifiable plaque. Risk of coronary artery disease low (<10%)

11 - 100

Definite, at least mild atherosclerotic plaque. Mild or minimal coronary narrowings likely.

101 - 400

Definite, at least moderate atherosclerotic plaque. Mild coronary artery disease highly likely. Significant narrowings possible

400 <

Extensive atherosclerotic plaque. High likelihood of at least one significant coronary narrowing.

Treatment Possibilities

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