Dr. Betty Lacy, M.D.

Brain-Body-Health Program - Structure:

The process begins with a 20 page intake that you will receive by email from Joi Sandhu, health coach and PA.  You complete the intake and mail it back to Joi by post.  Joi and I will both review the intake. The comprehensive intake is not to overwhelm you, but to guide us in your history so that we are better able to formulate an overall assessment about your state of health and to provide you with personalized care. Included in the packet is an authorization form which will allow us to obtain your medical records from your primary care doctor. This is slow medicine, it is thorough, it requires patience, motivation and a love of health. 

First meeting: is scheduled with Joi. Questions regarding medical issues are discussed, and a requisition for lab testing is completed.

Second meeting: is with Joi to review medical issues and check in on lifestyle changes that have been illuminated in the first meeting.

Third meeting: is with Betty to review your lab results: lipids/ genetics/ inflammation/ metabolic markers and make recommendations and design treatments for your care plan. We use a special lab called Boston Heart Diagnostics. Additionally, a Calcium scoring scan may be a part of your work-up, and sometimes, an MRI of the brain may be warranted. Cognitive testing is completed at this appointment. Family members are invited to this meeting.

Fourth meeting: Follow up coaching with Joi to check on lifestyle changes and to assess the need for functional lab testing.

Fifth meeting: With Betty to review Calcium scoring scan, MRI. Referrals may be initiated if needed.

Follow Up Care: - is based on your personalized BBH care plan. You can anticipate meeting with Betty or Joi once every month or two.

THIS IS SLOW MEDICINE: In the following months, you will be integrating your personalized BBH care plan and the recommendations to improve and optimize your health. Coaching sessions will help you understand and implement the recommended lifestyle changes. BBH is committed to keeping up with you and your Brain-Body-Health journey. As your health changes, so will your care plan. This is an on-going process by which BBH will act as a guide in directing follow up visits and goals for your future health needs.

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Betty Lacy, M.D.

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