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What is Brain Health?

What is Brain Health?

Brain Health is optimized brain function. It is having your brain work the best that it can at this particular moment in time for you. Brain Health is in constant flux based on how well you have slept, eaten, attended to stresses and taken care of yourself. You may know if your brain is not optimized because you are having the following:


  • Concentration - easily distracted
  • Thinking - experiencing brain fog
  • Feeling - depressed or anxious
  • Learning - slower processing
  • Socializing - being isolated
  • Remembering - forgetting
  • Navigation - challenges
  • Overactive mind - thoughts racing
  • Word finding or substitution

Brain health is directly related to your body's health. If you or your family, have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or brain problems, such as stroke or atherosclerosis, you may be at greater risk of developing dementia. These and other factors such as genetic, metabolic, infectious and traumatic injury can prevent the brain from working optimally. Working together to figure out what has produced suboptimal brain function, correct it and get your brain back to working more efficiently is the goal of Brain-Body Health.

Who should have their brain health checked?

Dr. Dale Bredesen first coined the term, "Cognoscopy" in his New York Times best selling book called, "End of Alzheimer's Disease". He recommends anyone over 50 have a “Cognoscopy ”. A Cognoscopy is an evaluation of your brain health and cognitive functioning. A Cognoscopy looks at your individual risk of dementia with the same testing that is used in the Brain-Body health program. This recommendation comes on the heels of research indicating we all at risk of dementia as we age and 40% of persons over 80 will develop dementia. We know that many people may have no symptoms of memory or cognitive changes decades before developing impairment. The best time to begin is NOW in preventing and establishing cognitive healthy habits to increase your resiliency.

What is involved in Brain-Body Health?

This comprehensive program is designed to measure how well your brain is functioning. It is based on a thorough evaluation that includes you and a close family member’s input. A comprehensive workup that evaluates blood work, using information from an extensive history, cognitive testing, review of systems, plus checking exposure to toxins, trauma, and infections.

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