Dr. Betty Lacy, M.D.

Brain-Body-Health Coaching

As a patient with Brain-Body-Health you will receive care and support in a variety of ways. Dr. Lacy will provide medical assessments of your brain health and create an individualized care plan. You will also be meeting with Joi, BBHs Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner, who will help you understand and implement Dr Lacy’s care plan. Joi may offer additional assessments that will compliment and support your overall health goals. Joi will offer personalized guidance, collaboration, resources, and education. She will assist you so you feel able to manage your treatment effectively and with good humor.

Betty Lacy, M.D.

Dr. Lacy specializes in the field of brain health, cognitive resiliency, genetics, and mental health. Learn More >

Brain Body Health Mission

Empowering seekers of knowledge in the subject of brain health and cognitive resiliency to become curious citizen scientists, learning together how to optimize our BRAIN-BODY Health and prevent dementia.

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