Dr. Betty Lacy, M.D.

Genetic Medicine is Here

January 21, 2020

Genetic medicine is already in practice and being used to guide individuals toward their optimal health. The more accurate terminology is Genomics, which refers to your entire genetic profile in relation to you as a unique person and the particular lifestyle that you live. Knowing your genetic profile can give you the information you need to implement appropriate interventions which can help you to avoid the development of illness.

The mapping of the human genome was accomplished last century, an outstanding achievement. There’s a popular saying these days: Genes may load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger. The term Exposome refers to the totality of all non-genetic exposures during a lifetime, starting from conception. Meaning, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the people and environment we interact with, the products we use, the water we drink, all of the lifestyle choices we make, and the health of our parents at the time of our conception. All of these things determine our health, 90% of our health, in addition to our genetic profile.

Epigenetics is another term that applies in this conversation. It refers to the impact our lifestyle choices have on the activation of the SNPs in our genetic code. A SNP (pronounced snip), is a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, a variation in a single base in the DNA. Each of us has our own unique assortment of SNPs which create a one of a kind pattern for each person. Essentially genes are turned off or on by our health related behaviors. You CAN influence your genetics. We CAN extend our health span.

Genomic testing informs us of our SNPs and whether they are beneficial to health or hold the potential for health problems. Sometimes they tell us about a weakness in our physiological mechanisms. Some SNPs have the potential to cause problems, such as an impairment with: detoxification, neurotransmitter metabolism, or cellular energy production. Some SNPs can set up a predisposition for symptoms such as depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, cancer, diabetes, dementia and many more conditions. In most cases, disease will only manifest in the presence of certain environmental triggers, so knowing your genomics can illuminate clarity about specific interventions for each individual.

Our practice at Brain-Body-Health utilizes genetic lab testing. One panel specifically tests for Cognitive Health and Alzheimers Disease. Medical conditions including tendency to form blood clots, cardiac disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. can be tested. Other panels evaluate for drug sensitivities related to statins, hormones, anesthesia. What we love about this lab is that every time there is new information it will be made available to you at no added charge, for the rest of your life. Our genes don’t change so it is a one time investment.

This information is empowering. It provides you with knowledge about what your risks are and what you can do to avoid developing an undesirable medical problem. Remember your genetic code is not your destiny. With the information about your own SNP variations you can intervene with well researched, evidence based nutritional, supplemental, medical, environmental and lifestyle interventions which will support your brain and body toward a long life of good health.

This testing is strictly confidential, your name will never be attached to the data. Insurance does not pay for this test, in order to keep it confidential. Genomics is the future of health care, and it’s available to us now, allowing us to more accurately assess your health, the risks you face and create better overall precise treatments for each individual.

Betty Lacy, M.D.

Dr. Lacy specializes in the field of brain health, cognitive resiliency, genetics, and mental health. Learn More >

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